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Stage "A Salesman's Death" Chili 2000

Commerical Work Chickaroo Chicken 2002

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"Although I had never met the real Buddy Wilson, nor had I ever heard of him, I felt that Adam Fellbur's transformation into Buddy Wilson was pretty good." - Faye Feldstein, Staten Island Advance



Sept. 13, 2004

Hey fans. Sorry to be out of touch. More %!%$ Internet proglems. Here's a link to my official presidential endorsement. Click here.

Feb. 08, 2004

So happy to finally have this website back up and running. What a nightmare it has been. I can tell you Verizon and all the people who work there wouldn't know how to screw in a light bulb if it bit them in the face. You wouldn't believe what happened. Not only did my website go down, I couldn't even get online. I called them up and tried to explain that this page is the only connection to me many of you have, and the devastating implications their company could cause by interrupting my epistles of guidance and hope. There is a little girl with cancer, and I'm sorry I don't remember your name, but if you're reading, you know what your name is, and keep your chin up because I'm sorry to have been "offline" for so long.

My hatred for the people at Verizon was amplified when I finally got through to a supervisor at their call center in Albany after wading through the mindless peon proletariat they call "customer service representatives" (Ricardo I'm talking to you). It was then that my phone went dead, and I found that Verizon had not only interrupted my online service, but my telephone as well. Although I didn't have an immediate way to get to Albany, I marched right down to Verizon's call center on 125th, only to have words with a so-called "foreman." Though I remained VERY calm and retained my composure, the next thing I knew I was being manhandled by their security. Though there were plenty of witnesses to what transpired, when the police arrived, it was amazing to see how they would twist and change the truth because of my celebrity status -- like they just wanted to see me "go down." What's even worse, everyone was pretending to not even know what I was talking about, and in the confusion the police just started shouting things that didn't make any sense like "EDP! Take him out!" It's was a pack of pirahnas at a feeding frenzy. I've been watching the tabloids for two weeks now, praying the whole debacle will have ended when I posted bail.

Still, we'll see. I'm beginning to know what Princess Diana must have gone through.


Jan. 17th, 2004

Wow. Just got back from the Keenerville "Skippy" Con. What else can I say but "it was a blast." Saw many familiar faces, but also a lot of new folks as well. It's so nice to bring so many people, especially the young people, into the fold. There were a few moments there where I had to choke back tears because I was thinking of Buddy. God, he would have loved to be here now. But, I guess if you think about, probably a lot of people who are dead would think the same thing. Bittersweet it is that I must be the flagbearer for "Life With Skippy" so many years now after his death. It's like everybody is gone.


Jan. 11th, 2004

Have a special treat for all you fans out there. A couple of years ago, like sometime in the 1980s before I left LA, I stumbled across a proprietor of high-end vintage collectibles at a Lawndale Flea Market. There, lying on a pancho, were production photos from the first day of shooting "Life With Skippy." I won't tell you how much I had to pay for them, but let's just say it set me back. Not to worry fair readers, I could make a PRETTY penny if I put these in front of Sotheby's or Butterfields. In some respects, I look at these as a sentimental investment for my future.

Anyway, it just so happens my writing partner, Larry Weeks, owns a "scanner." Well, it's not really Larry's, and he doesn't really know how to use a computer yet, but his daughter Alyce (who you may remember from my previous Blog "Wicked Wiitch of the East") wasn't around so it was OK. Regardless, what a scanner does is takes images from photos, or sometimes pieces of paper, and puts them inside the computer. I even "scanned" a tennis ball once that I found on the street, which I believe may have belonged to a member of the canine persuasion. Here it is. It's Buddy Wilson though, not the tennis ball. I think "Little Miss Melts In Water" might have swept that picture with her little computer broom into her little evil computer recycle bin. A "recylce bin" is a place on a computer where you put things you don't want. I don't think they really end up being turned into anything though, like cans are used to make spaceships. I tried though for several hours by opening "documents" and "files" on Alyce's computer to see if I could see my tennis ball, or bits of it, but I couldn't, at least from what I can tell.


On Set - Life With Skippy

Buddy Wilson - "Skippy"

June 2, 1960 - August 12, 1980